To choose from Mac or Windows is absolutely an individual’s choice. Many people are comfortable with Mac OS and a few feel comfortable with the windows. Many technical aspects differentiate both of them. Let us see a few technical aspects which differentiate Mac and Windows. When it comes to computers the Mac OS versus Windows is one of the most controversial debates ever. Whoever is buying a new computer may go through this and then decide what is good for them. Few features interest the buyers. The selection of the final OS depends on the customer priority of the features.┬áComparing both the operating system feels like you are comparing a sunflower with a Tulip. Both are unique in their way. They are highly capable, fast, and functional. The operating system is selected according to the users’ preferences.

Security & Price

In the matter of security Mac receives very little viruses than compare to Windows. Windows are more vulnerable to viruses. The people who illegally hack and access the computer mostly target the Windows PC. Most people use the Microsoft Windows latest version that is is better compared to the previous versions. Even though Windows always had security issues when compared to Apple computers. If you have a Mac then you are very less prone to hacking and insecurities. The latest versions of Windows have created better improvements in the matter of security. But Mac has always been the priority for the people who are looking for privacy and security. A good quality product will always have a greater price. Mac always gives you the value for money. Majorly the high-quality components are used in assembling Mac computers. Mac computer comes along with its peripherals and it is a little expensive when compared to the Windows PC. While Windows PC comes at a reasonable rate. The peripherals and components which are used in Windows PC are less expensive. And the overall cost is relatively reasonable than the Mac PC. If if you are looking for a budget-friendly PC then you can go for the Windows PC. Anyways high-end hardware is always expensive in the majority of the cases.

Software and Operating System

Both Mac PC and Windows PC are highly capable fast and great in performance. In this matter, it is completely dependent upon the user’s preference. Many software are created for Mac in all these years. But when it comes to gaming it is always Windows which dominates the Mac. Most of the gaming software developers prefer making software that is compatible with the Windows PC because it has a larger use of a paste when compared to the Mac OS. Another criterion here is that you will find many free programs that will be available for the Windows PC but they are not freely available for the Mac. In the matter of software availability and free programs, the majority of the people would choose Windows PC rather than the Mac. Many popular applications like Adobe products and Microsoft Office products are available.

Compatibility and Aesthetics

The Apple company has manufactured many products like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and many more. It has created great compatibility between all its products. An Apple computer can easily interact with any of its products which are run by Mac OS. The Microsoft PC is compatible with Xbox and also Android devices. When it comes to the matter of compatibility Mac is always in the number one position. When it is the question of quality Macintosh computers are known to give exceptional quality across all the products. These products include iPhone, iPad, I watch, I TV, and many more. Apple products are built with proper designing and the overall look of Apple products is aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to Windows PC it is famous for being highly customizable. The spare components are available in the market with varied quality. When the overall quality of a product is taken into consideration then it is Mac which wins this category.

Boot Time, Upgrade & Drivers

Customization in Apple products is limited when compared to the Windows PC. Because Windows PC will have a higher number of manufacturers that have more pre-built options. For the manufacturers who build the Windows PC, there is always a huge range to select from. If you are looking out for amazing customization or upgrades then you can always go with Windows PC. Compare to the previous versions the latest version of Windows has a very fast boot time. When you compare the boot time of Mac and Windows PC then both the good times are almost the same. Apple manufactures the drivers and its hardware by itself and it manufactures the most efficient hardware. While Windows PC has many different manufacturers but different drivers. Since the quality of the hardware and the drivers differ it is a little hard to keep all the drivers updated. Mac has a great advantage because it can be updated as it produces all its hardware by itself.

Support, Gaming, and repair

90% of the market share is owned by the Windows PC in the matter of gaming. Windows PC has better options to upgrade like the graphics card. When they use this card it can play many new games instead of replacing the entire computer. But this is not possible in the Mac OS. The majority of the people go for the Windows PC if they are very much interested in gaming. The technical support of Mac provides greater assistance since it offers many in-person supports also and has many stores around the world. Since a Windows PC is assembled by different hardware it will be a real heat problem if you tried and fix by using the customer assistance of different brands. This is the reason why Mac is great when it comes to customer support. It is a little hard task when it comes to the repair of Mac PC since the make of a Mac product is very compact …

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